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Cowboy is a playable character in the online turn-based fighting game Your Only Move is Hustle (also known as YomiHustle). YomiHustle combines elements of the classic fighting formula and speed chess and mixes them into a turn-based combat simulator full of mind-games. Cowboy is one of the fighters in this game. You'd think they'd be a gunslinger due to their name, but no! Cowboy is a sword wielding, teleporting menace. Cowboy is a free DLC fighter for Cross Impact.




Cowboy is a Swordie, giving him quick, long reaching attacks, and good combo potential. He also has two specials, neutral special and forwards special, that give him excellent ranged options, although his uses of the former is limited.



Strengths Weaknesses


Move Damage Description
Jab 4% Simple one hit jab.
Forward Tilt 8-15% Powerful forward slash with high knockback.
Up Tilt 9-14% Upwards swing with a large hitbox and strong knockback.
Down Tilt 6-15% Downwards stab.
Dash Attack 7% Quick forwards stab, launching the enemy upwards.
Neutral Aerial 3-7% Forwards slash with large hitbox. Has a sweet spot in the lower center of the attack that does 7% instead of 3%.
Forward Aerial 3-7% Quick slice forwards. Has a sweet spot in the center that does 7% instead of 3%.
Back Aerial 8% Quick slice backwards.
Up Aerial 7% Upwards slash.
Down Aerial 5-10% Quick slice downwards. Has a sour spot behind Cowboy that deals 5% instead of 10%.
Neutral Special 22%/5% Fires a bullet from Cowboy's gun. The bullet acts as a fast moving projectile that deals 22% with high knockback. Each shot uses one bullet from Cowboy's bullet gauge. The bullet gauge has 6 shots in it, and one is spent every time neutral special is used. There is no way to regain bullets, and once you have used all 6, you are out for the rest of the match. An exclamation mark will appear above Cowboy after your last shot, and whenever you shoot while empty, to tell you that you are out of bullets. You can also use the throw item button to throw the gun, where it acts as a projectile that can be picked up again by yourself or other players using attack. Other players cannot use the gun, and can only throw it again. A small hitbox also appears in front of Cowboy whenever you shoot the gun, regardless of if you have any bullets or the gun itself. It has very weak knockback, and deals 5%. If you shoot while too close to an enemy, only the smaller hitbox will hit.
Side Special 4%/6%/12% Throws out a lasso that acts as a command grab, bringing the enemy to Cowboy on a successful hit. Once grabbed, Cowboy can follow it up with one of 4 throws. Pressing attack or special with cause Cowboy to hit them once, dealing 4%. Pressing forwards causes Cowboy to smack them forwards, dealing 6%. Pressing up causes Cowboy to punch them upwards, dealing 6% with good knockback. Pressing back or down will have Cowboy suplex the enemy backwards, launching them up in the air and dealing 12%. If you wait over a second without imputing anything, the opponent will break out, ending the grab and dealing 3% to yourself.
Up Special 3%-4% An upwards slash with two hits, dealing 3% on the first hit and 4% on the second. It also raises Cowboy and any enemy hit by it upwards. This move puts Cowboy into freefall.
Down Special 10% Cowboy slashes downwards, and holds the position while dropping downwards. He will hop upwards slightly while doing this if grounded. Landing the attack will cause Cowboy to be sent slightly upwards, and spikes the opponent, dealing 10%.
CROSS Attack 36% Cowboy teleports onto the opponent, before delivering a powerful swing, dealing 36% with incredibly high knockback, almost always enough to guarantee a knockout. Cowboy can be interrupted while doing this.

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