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Fighters are a term that refers to the list of playable characters in Cross Impact. Each fighter has unique attributes and move sets that differentiate themselves from the rest of the roster to make a variable cast of iconic indie characters that satisfy most platform fighter archetypes. All the fighters present each come from their respective games. The first six will released with the base game with any fighter after being downloadable content. Below is a table of all the currently known fighters in the game.

Playable Characters

Fighter Name Series Description
OrtheoIcon.png Ortheo Ortheo (2022) Ortheo, the fearless Scrapper, is here to make an Impact! Ortheo is a straightforward mid-weight brawler who is good for beginners, featuring a basic answer to most situations and a toolkit that allows for many unique types of game plans.
PalIcon.png Pal LUMbA: REDUX (2022) Pal, the villainous mastermind, is here to make an Impact! With a stage control playstyle and a surprisingly light weight for his size, Pal wields a hammer with the finesse of a swordsman to keep foes at bay. whilst simultaneously calling in Lumba for control over a set area.
AlexIcon.png Alex YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG (2019) Here comes Alex, the enigmatic fighter from the world of YIIK is here to make an Impact! Alex is a light-weight fighter who specializes in mix-ups and set-up play. In battle, Alex wields a unique set of moves and attacks, drawing inspiration from Alex's abilities, such as Dali, Panda, etc.
V1Icon.png V1 ULTRAKILL (2020) Mankind is dead, blood is fuel, and baby, V1, is here to make an Impact! V1 is a glass cannon heavyweight fighter, capable of dealing massive damage and covering lots of ground with their versatile artillery. Switch between 5 different weapons on the fly with your weapon wheel.
ToreeIcon.png Toree Toree (2021) "GOALLLL!!!" - Toree, the chirpy Chap, scurries in to make an Impact! Toree is a lightweight fighter with a rushdown playstyle, capable of dealing rapid damage but can be KO'd with just a few mistakes.
JacketIcon.png Jacket Hotline Miami (2012) Jacket, the infamous masked maniac, takes the call to make an Impact! Jacket is a mid-weight fighter who has multiple abilities to exploit your foes bad habits and create beneficial openings for Jacket to take advantage of.
CowboyIcon.png Cowboy Your Only Move is HUSTLE (2022) Cowboy, the Jack-of-all-trades, is Heading West to make an Impact! Equipped with a Sword, Gun and Lasso, Cowboy has an answer to almost every situation, albeit with some required precision to make the most use of.

StardropIcon.webp |Stardrop |Stardrop Blaster (2014)/Indie Pogo (2018) |Stardrop, the Supernova Sentry, is soaring in to make an Impact! Utilizing abilities from their stints in their iOS games, as well as a quirk that makes them constantly Jumping from Indie Pogo, Stardrop is an aerial ace who Excels when they are above their opponent, reigning terror down below!

Fighters in Cross Impact

OrtheoIcon.png PalIcon.png AlexIcon.png V1Icon.png ToreeIcon.png JacketIcon.png CowboyIcon.png