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V1 is the protagonist of the first-person shooter platformer, ULTRAKILL. A blood-fueled machine of many, mankind was drained dry to the point of extinction - causing machines to have no choice but to scurry down into the depths of hell in desperation of more fuel. V1 is one of the many machines that slay demons, angels, and even fellow machinery to sustain itself with the ensuing bloodshed. V1 is a free DLC fighter for Cross Impact.




V1 is a rushdown character with an extensive combo tree which stems from their two cancellable moves, Down Tilt and Forward Air. Not only can V1 put foes into the blender with their vast combos, but also can use their Neutral Special to switch to several different, uniquely versatile weapons for their Side Special, all of which come from ULTRAKILL. V1 also has a unique mechanic, also stemming from ULTRAKILL, being the Style Meter. As V1 hits opponents, they can build up their Style Meter to increase the knockback and damage. When it hits the highest rank, aptly called the "ULTRAKILL" rank, it provides V1 with a 2.2x boost to both damage and knockback, letting V1 unleash devastating blows to enemies.


Strengths Weaknesses
V1 not only has fantastic combos thanks to DTilt and Fair, but can use NSpecial to swap weapons for their Side Special, forcing opponents to be on their toes and track what weapon V1 has selected, all while needing to weave around V1's moves in order to not get put in the blender. The style meter is also immensely useful to V1 as the knockback and damage buffs can delete stocks earlier than expected. Despite the immensely strong and versatile kit that V1 possesses, they are severely hindered by their recovery, as their USpecial is not very reliable for recovering, despite being their only tool to do so.


Move Damage Description
Jab 11% Punches with the Knuckleblaster, exploding and sending opponents flying diagonally away from them.

Jab excels at closing stocks at higher percents with its deceptively quick speed and good range, especially when you have your Style Meter in the higher ranks.

Forward Tilt 7% Punches with the Feedbacker, knocking opponents slightly up and away from them.

Can be used at lower percentages to combo into moves like Down Tilt, or at higher percentages as a quick "get off me" tool.

DISCLAIMER: Does NOT parry projectiles, unlike V1's origin game.

Up Tilt 6% Brings their leg up and kicks it down in an axe-kick fashion.

This move excels at taking stocks at ledge against unassuming opponents trying to recover with its strong spike hitbox. It can also be used on stage to combo opponents into aerials.

Down Tilt 5% Slides in an identical fashion to how they slide in ULKTRAKILL, popping enemies up.

Down tilt is an incredibly versatile move since you can cancel it at any point into a jump, allowing access to a vast combo tree.

Dash Attack 8% Shoulder tackles forward, hitting enemies away with strong knockback.

Dash Attack is a fairly situational move which is best used with your opponent near the edge of the stage at high percentages, where it becomes a solid kill move.

Neutral Aerial 7% both hits Performs two kicks.

The second hit of this move is very difficult to land due to how late it comes out, so it's better to simply hitfall the first hit of the move in order to combo into other moves such as Down tilt.

Forward Aerial 3% Performs a sex kick, halting upwards momentum. Provides minimal knockback, but can be cancelled into other moves on-hit.

This is another move that V1 is able to cancel, allowing for extensive combos. Its unique property which cancels upwards momentum gives V1 a solid approach option, as you're able to fast fall as the move comes out. This allows V1 to apply solid pressure on opponents with the threat of being put into the blender with their devastating combos.

Back Aerial 6% Hits behind with a backhand punch, dealing great knockback.

One of V1's better kill moves, as its strong knockback can either set up for an edge guard, or even straight up kill opponents if they are close to the edge.

Up Aerial 1% Performs a long-lasting spinning kick upwards, dragging enemies into V1.

One of V1's more combo-oriented moves. Since its minimal damage and doesn't knock enemies away, it's reliably used as a way to extend V1's combos by dragging the enemy back down to the ground, following up with other moves. This move can also very rarely hit enemies more than once if timed correctly, though it isn't advised to go for this as the extra 1% of damage is functionally negligible.

Down Aerial 8% Dive kicks down, applying immensely strong downwards knockback while sending V1 rapidly down as well.

One of V1's most useful and versatile moves as it can be used in combination with Nairs and Down Tilts to perform pillar combos, or if the opponent is at ledge, kill them extremely early. This move also has deceptively fast speed with the hitbox coming out almost immediately. This move only gets better over time, as when V1 is able to build up their Style Meter, this move gets even stronger knockback This move has a very big downside, as despite the fantastic combo and knockback properties of the move, it has a very small hitbox, making it very hard to hit.

Neutral Special N/A Pulls up the weapon wheel, allowing V1 to choose one of five different weapons, drastically affecting how V1's Side Special acts (in clockwise order):

Alternate Revolver

Rocket Launcher




Side Special 4% (Initial Hit)

22% (Default Revolver)

8% (Alternate Revolver)

8% (Rocket Launcher)

4% (Railcannon)

8% (Shotgun)

8% (Nailgun)

Depending on what was chosen with NSpecial, Fires 1-3 projectiles.

This is one of V1's most interesting moves, as there are six different interactions that can occur, all depending on what you choose with NSpecial.

When nothing is selected, V1 shoots the default Revolver they hold in their sprite, firing a medium speed projectile that deals fantastic damage with solid base knockback. Interestingly enough, this is one of the superior options for V1 as the insanely high damage of the projectile forces V1 to think about if they want to switch to other weapons for utility and lose out on the damage or not.

When the Alternate Revolver is selected, V1 shoots the Alternate Revolver, firing a medium speed projectile that deals next to no knockback. This is a very basic weapon that is outclassed by most of the other choices in the weapon wheel, but its simplicity makes it a fine pick.

When the Rocket Launcher is selected, V1 shoots the Rocket Launcher, firing a medium speed projectile that explodes on contact, decent knockback and knocking anyone else around it away, including V1 themself, if they are close enough. This weapon is similar to the Alt Revolver, but it's unique explosion property can make it useful in matches with more that two players.

When the Railcannon is selected, V1 shoots the Railcannon, firing a long, white beam that has a hitbox spanning the entire length of the sprite, stunning opponents. This weapon deals less damage than all the other options, but because it is an immediate hitbox that stuns enemies makes it a very strong tool for combos, as it can catch opponents off guard and lead to guaranteed follow-ups if V1 is close enough.

When the Shotgun is selected, V1 shoots the Shotgun, firing three very short-ranged projectiles with different trajectories. The first shot fires at a 45 degree angle upwards and away from V1, the second fires in a straight line and the other mirrors the first, going down instead of up. This option is great for dealing immense damage if you are close enough to your opponent, but it's incredibly short range makes it a high risk, high reward option.

When the Nailgun is selected, V1 shoots the Nailgun, firing three medium speed projectiles very close to each other. This is another fantastic option for dealing high damage, as if one projectile hits, the other two are almost guaranteed to also hit. This is functionally a longer-range version of the shotgun, as they both deal identical damage if all three shots hit.

Overall, this move is very interesting as all of the projectiles, save for the Railcannon, deal identical damage at 8%, but only the default Revolver and Rocket Launcher deal knockback. The Railcannon is also a very useful tool thanks to its immediate, large, and static hitbox as well as its stunning properties. Regardless of all of this, it is up to the V1 player to choose what they want to use.

Up Special 6% Fires the Whiplash upwards, connecting to either the stage or an opponent.

V1's Up Special can have varying outcomes depending on what the Whiplash connects to.

Hitting an opponent causes V1 to rapidly grapple up to them, popping them away from V1. If the Style Meter is in the higher ranks, it instead spikes opponents with very strong knockback.

If the Whiplash connects to the stage, it rapidly pulls V1 up, having them wall jump afterwards.

Down Special N/A (Coin)

15% (Bullet)

The first time Down Special is pressed, V1 throws a coin into the air which can be angled depending on where the control stick is after the move is used. A second press fires the Marksman Revolver towards the coin, sending a very fast projectile in the coins direction.

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